In emptiness a full bellied snake of wonder lies.

It feeds on our gentle fragility and with it grows large.

It’s hibernating within the sparse and undulating terrain,

of the place you wish to know more than all the other crannies.

Hooks and nooks to distract – to keep you from the view,

the dazzling stars that shoot past without the slightest clue.

Each day brings with it a new life, laugh and sigh.

A consistent changing and frivilous way,

to capture the attentions of those outside of us.

What is in isn’t out – what is out isn’t in.

Yet is in our out what defines us, or are we a blur of silly particles.

We define them in the sharpness of our convictions and determined decisions.

Ever decision is like a retuning of the TV, the blur gives way to a clearer picture –

finally the blur is watchable and the pleasure emulates from each fuzzy atom.

No longer a picture but a collection of convictions on a crusade to clear.




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